polo ralph lauren niña Debut triumph Boca Juniors Polo Team

zapatos polo ralph lauren hombre Debut triumph Boca Juniors Polo Team

This weekend was officially launched at The Cove, Boca Juniors PoloTeam as part of the 3rd Cup Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 and anexhibition match against Pupi Foundation in aid of the AssociationHopes and Dreams Foundation and Pupi .

The team made up Gabriel Batistuta xeneize, Adolfo Cambiaso (h),Julio Ernesto Gutiérrez Conte, President of Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 andFernando Pignia, managed to win 6 to 4 against Pupi Foundation whoseteam consisted of Ernesto Trotz, Juan Cruz Adrogué, Matias Dario Valentand Awad.

“Being able to be conjugated polo, football, love this shirt into asingle passion and solidarity purposes is really a dream,” said Julio ErnestoGutierrez, President of Aeropuertos Argentina 2000, at the officialpresentation of the Boca Juniors Polo Team.

Boca’s president Jorge Amor Ameal stressed that the initiative isvery important for an institution that is growing. Polo is a nationalsport and our colors walk the world by the hand of these athletes andto help us very excited. ”

For his part, Gabriel Batistuta, stressed that in this wayrecovered the illusion of returning to wear the shirt of Boca. “Whendid the idea of adding polo and football,
polo ralph lauren niña Debut triumph Boca Juniors Polo Team
and in order to give a hand,did not hesitate,” he said. “In what seems the polo to football,” heasked reporters. Batistuta was clear about the answer: “it is a teamand there is camaraderie when we lose, we all lose. When we win, we allwin. ”

Adolfo Cambiaso agreed with all the important role that took thepole to engage socially. Despite being from Chicago, the best poloplayer in the world, joined the team from the start by the endsupportive of the initiative. “From Chicago went polo soccer,” herecalled.

Gutiérrez Conte noted that “in soccer and polo are very goodambassadors for our country. This initiative forms part of the conceptof corporate social responsibility really committed. It’s impressiveability to help that is achieved from these initiatives and proposalsdo have a special purpose such as that brings us together today. ”

The employer announced that soon begin to form women’s polo teamand the Boca Juniors Polo Team and is on the agenda a number ofcommitments at home and abroad.

Gabriel Batistuta, captain; Cambiaso (h), President of Boca, JorgeAmor Ameal and the owner of AA2000, Julio Ernesto Gutiérrez Conte shared thisafternoon’s press conference to launch the Polo Team Boca Juniors at LaEnsenada, Lujan.
polo ralph lauren niña Debut triumph Boca Juniors Polo Team